About Seminar

Hello everyone!

Sonia Rocha

Can’t wait to meet you!  Let’s go through the Journey


  •  I gained confidence – a process I created  that works
  • I increased my self-esteem in my relationships and work environment
  • I figured out to make better decisions in every aspect of my life
  • I accepted myself finally
  • This journey grew me up as I faced the obstacles and tested my process to work in all areas of my life.
  •  I still use my process daily, because if I don’t the world ( people) could swallow me.

 Do you find yourself feeling – Stuck in a rut in your life? Wondering what your purpose is?  Having trouble connecting with family? Feeling depressed? Do you have trouble with your kids? I also experienced this and more, this is why I feel compelled to show you how I got through the ugliness.

In my Presentation you will learn:

  • Real applicable methods that allow you to break down barriers
  • How to stop sabotaging your confidence and decisions
  • To grow your confidence a step at a time
  • Make better decisions
  • Identify your abilities, and how to execute them

Encouraging and Inspiring

Your Friend,

Sonia Rocha

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