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 Life Coach,Speaker/ Writer  

Sonia Rocha

Real life training to improve and transform lives!


  •  To gain confidence – With a process I created  that works
  • To increase your self-esteem – enhancing  relationships and work environment
  • How you can make better decisions in every aspect of your life
  • Notice your abilities – what does that mean?
  • How my journey improved my character, as I faced the obstacles and tested my process to work in all areas of my life.
  •  My process will become second nature to your daily routine, enabling you to conquer obstacles.

 Are you frustrated with your position in life? – Going to work each day feeling kind of sick of the routine at work, have some issues with co-workers, managers, or your supervisor. But you’re not sure how to break out of this feeling of being stuck, maybe you’ve been there so long that you’re afraid to cause any waves? I have the method for you.

Feeling hungry for a change, maybe an improved you? –  I have been there too!  trying to make ends meet for my kids and myself. Do you feel like you just don’t know what else to do? Are you feeling frustrated, getting depressed? There are many reasons for this, I can help you figure out your specifics and break those barriers.

In my workshops or seminars you will learn:

  • Real applicable methods that allow you to break down barriers
  • How to stop sabotaging your confidence and decisions
  • To grow your confidence a step at a time
  • Make better decisions
  • Identify your abilities, and how to execute them

Encouraging and Transforming – God Bless!

Your Friend,

Sonia Rocha

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