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Sonia Rocha

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In each Seminar and workshop I will take you deeper into the understanding of how to conquer the obstacles in your life so you can reach your goal. My workshops are interactive and affective. Together at each level learning how to change your  world….. in a positive direction. You will learn to Improve yourself with my methods. I will show you how to make changes to overcome your struggles, and build your confidence! a step at a time  “YOU CAN DO IT!” Learn to connect with family, or improve external relationships. We all struggle in these areas sometimes, either at work, home or with family. You can recover, empower your life and be happier. I am here for you. Go to Menu to get your tickets, and Follow my YouTube channel, and Facebook page to learn when my next seminar or workshop dates and locations are.

Also I would love to hear from you, go ahead go to reply on any of these pages and ask me a question you would like me to cover during the upcoming seminar!

 Do you find yourself feeling – Stuck in a rut in your life? Wondering what your purpose is? Or  do you ask yourself “what else can I do with my life? Running on fumes? Going in circles, and not getting anywhere that you really want to be? Having trouble connecting with family? Feeling depressed? Do you have trouble with your kids? If you have these questions in your mind or in your heart, then my presentations are for you.

In my Presentation you will learn:

  • Real applicable methods that allow you to break down barriers
  • How to stop sabotaging your confidence and decisions
  • To grow your confidence a step at a time
  • Make better decisions
  • Identify your abilities, and how to execute them


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Sonia Rocha

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