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Sonia Rocha -Life Coach, Speaker/ Writer/ Copy writer


      I believe we all need a little help to get where we need to be, sometimes we don’t always see ourselves in a proper perspective.  I struggled in workplaces where the days became difficult and as a previous Manager, I myself found it awkward to change the culture of the office. Co-workers become set in their routine. After a while no one can see outside the box- loss of respect for each other, bitterness sets in for some people then absenteeism hits!

      Hence, business productivity becomes low and stagnant.  Managers, supervisors and all stakeholders are affected – the domino effect.  

In your personal life you may be struggling with your relationship or maybe you need to do something in this world that makes you happy by helping others or a more fulfilling job?

                                  Yeah, I know it’s difficult….. but this can change! How you ask? 

      Learning how to get the most out of your employees, or your life in general, gain respect from coworkers or from your spouse and kids.  Keep in mind that in any part of your life or wherever you are, you have something to offer to someone. If you are an Employee, Manager or a wife or husband we all need some acknowledgement, growing room and challenges to help you grow into the be YOU that you can be. You need someone that understands you that has been through the same struggles.  

This is my Mission TO HELP YOU gain confidence, increase self -esteem and reach your goals!

*I help businesses and general public – because we are all people that need some guidance no matter where you are in life – we cannot be too proud to ask for help.

Do you know if you are a Manager or a leader? Do you know your team or co-workers? 

I conduct presentations for business specific needs as well as Confidence building conferences and group or one on one sessions.

                                        (stay tuned for next seminar and click ” purchase ticket tab”).

Acknowledgement and respect goes a LONG way! –  This can create such an awesome momentum at work, and an increase in business. Knowing your team or employees is a HUGE plus! there is no room to let  PRIDE get in the way of your growth and productivity.  

      I am here to guide you and give you all I know so you can be the LEADER you really need to be and the confidence to it. 

My life has been a journey – YES! I am all the above titles and each one helps the other, strengthening my talent and skills.   I am not saying I have it all together, because we are always learning and changing for the better – life’s a journey. 

I am here for everyone!!

Encouraging and Inspiring – God Bless 

Sonia Rocha


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