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Sonia Rocha -Author and Key Note Speaker


Born and raised in California, and after 20 yrs in Texas still not used to the heat. I have two sons, and one daughter. My book will explain all the details of my life, once I am done you will see it posted here soon. I focus my seminars and workshops only to guide you in hopes of transforming your life as you want it to be. I feel a compelling need to help others experience a more content life in all areas, a life where you can finally feel in control and fulfilling. Once I replaced my old ways I began to feel I have a purpose, such a journey has been rewarding. I am not saying I have it all together and I don’t believe we ever really will, yes I know, you might ask “then why bother or what am I doing this?” because changing is an ongoing thing. It takes people a long time to make true change, a ” transformation” yes, it is a process and I can cut your time down hugely if you follow how I did it. Get where you want to be sooner and not as long as it took me. 

       I went from an abused little girl to a homeless teen at 15, oh yes! the abuse continued! I was married twice with the same issues … ” why?” because “we abused children” become used to feeling like we deserve it, so we repeat our pattern of ” accepting abuse”. This comes in many forms and we all need to learn to watch for the signs, and “avoid n’ prevent”. I created a method I want to share with you that can help you in any area of your life. Just like we have hidden and suppressed our pain, we also have hidden and hindered our own great abilities! that just waiting to bloom and come out!.. I had no idea of course like you that this could be possible. 

      I am here to guide and give you all I can so you can be the person you really need to be. 

Later, I was able to earn my Bachelor of Science in Environmental Science/ Project Management Degree, including two years of  Psychology, and I will explain  when I see you how taking Psychology courses helped me to survive life way before I received by Bachelor’s Degree.


I am here for everyone!!


Encouraging and Inspiring

Your friend,



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