My Mission


    I believe we all need a little help to get where we need to be sometimes; we don’t always see ourselves in a proper perspective. I have been through physical, mental, and emotionally horrifying situations as a child and young adult. As an adult I thought I would be safe, and no one would be able to hurt me anymore, unfortunately that is not always the case. I turned to unhealthy things and made destructive choices, with a vengeful heart. In my journey to find peace of mind and stability, I took a challenging path, and put on my bravery hat to confront my fears. Because of this path I learned methods and strategies to help me survive the torment within, so that I could be happy or at least be able to feel like I mattered and to understand why I existed. You don’t have to face your fears the way I did, but understanding them is vital and that is a part of my strategy. Taking baby steps to understand.

I am a 2X suicide survivor and I am so grateful that I am alive! I finally figured out what it takes to accept myself and forgive others. Forgiving will be your most difficult challenge you will ever have of go through. While trying to forgive myself and others I was also an (atheist)  then I found out who God, Jesus and the Holy Spirit are. I would not have been able to be where I am today without Jesus’ forgiveness and mercy

      So here I am now, ready and eager to help you get through the stumbling blocks that you  continuously trip over or walk over. By first noticing them and what you have been doing all this time that didn’t work for you. This is where I can help you kick the obstacles in your way and move into where you really need to be.

In your personal life you may be struggling with your relationships (family or partner) or maybe you need to do something in this world that makes you happy by helping others or maybe you need a more fulfilling job? whatever it is I can help you figure out what your strengths are and how to use your weaknesses to your advantage.

                                  Yeah, I know it’s difficult….. but this can change! How you ask? 

     You just need a little guidance to learn how to build your confidence and how to make better decisions. Trust me these two elements are KEY, to unlocking your ABILITIES! and with God by your side there is nothing you can’t do. I am living proof, and I can show you the difference of trying to do things without God and with God. It is amazing, and no, it’s not an easy path… but Jesus is always there and with my methods and the Lord working through me for you; this is a WIN, WIN situation!

This is my Mission TO HELP YOU gain confidence, increase self -esteem and reach your goals!

*I also help businesses and general public – because we are all people that need some guidance no matter where you are in life – we cannot be too proud to ask for help.

Do you know your weaknesses? Strengths? are you sure those are right?

I conduct presentations for business specific needs as well as Confidence building conferences and group or one on one sessions. I do workshops for recovering drug users, battered women, pregnant teens, child molested adults, and those of you that just can break the barriers in your life. 

                                       Love, forgiveness, and respect for SELF is first on the list 

      I am here to guide you and give you all I know because it is important to me that you don’t feel lost, alone, depressed or stuck in your situation like I used to.  

My life has been a journey – and now you can take a positive journey in your life with me.  I am not saying I have it all together, because we are always learning and changing for the better – life’s a journey. 

I am here for everyone!!

Encouraging and Transforming – God Bless!

Sonia Rocha


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