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Life Couch Sonia Rocha

Hello Everyone!

I was born and raised in California; I moved to Texas in 2000 to change my life, and my world as a single mother with my two wonderful sons. I met my husband here in San Antonio and we have a beautiful daughter who is now 14 years old. Yes! I started all over again, and I am glad I did. While in California growing up and throughout my young adult years, then into my late 30’s, I experienced many difficult to severe circumstances which I thought I could never get out of. These horrifying abusive experiences, career struggles, poor decision making, and the vicious circle that I was stuck in. I just knew this had to stop! being homeless, living in shelters, forced me one day to make a decision – this is when I began to take down those barriers and take my life into my own hands.

I knew deep down that I had to get out of this awful funneling torment; I wrestled with different ideas to escape this life I was in. I was sexually abused, raped, molested as a child and more. After many years, I finally figured out what I had to do, and what decisions I had to make to get out of that “spiraling down to an abyss” life that I was trapped in. I had to change my life and pull the carpet from under myself and my kids ( get out of the box!) sort to speak. As soon as I made a decision, searched within myself, created a plan little by little I was free one step at a time.  I can also help you learn the strategies and mindset it takes to change your life and your world.

Later, I was able to earn my Bachelor of Science in Environmental Science/ Project Management Degree, including two years of  Psychology, and I will explain  when I see you how taking Psychology courses helped me to survive life way before I received by Bachelor’s Degree. Also, I am certified in (OSH) Occupational Safety and Health – 40 HR Hazwoper). I was a member of (PMI) Project Management Institute, and Sierra Club.

My life was not easy, and for some people  “LIFE” is too big! And it is!…. but if you think of it this way; what you do is a choice, and it makes a difference. I prefer to say ” Lets make a difference”. In my Presentations you will learn to take the steps that move you forward in your world! Don’t feel stuck in your job, or feel that you can’t connect with your family or friends. All things are possible if you just give yourself that chance.

I can’t wait to meet you! Growing together as (we) learn how to move forward in  our world with new experiences. In my eyes and heart (my mission) is to help you. I say “we” because it’s not just me – it’s ALL of us, always changing. I want to share how I made a difference in my world with you, so you may also apply the strategies to your life and tailor it to fit you.

I am here for everyone!!


Encouraging and Inspiring

Your friend,



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