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  1. Natalie S Yancy says:

    I had the opportunity to attend one of Sonia’s events last year. I learned a lot from her. I have read many self help books, and listed to may different personal speakers and coaches, and I can honestly say that the way Sonia explains things is the best and easiest to understand.

    I have also had several one on one coaching session with Sonia. She was able to help me make peace with things from my past that I had carried for over a decade.

    I highly recommend her to anyone who is serious about moving their life to the next level and being the best version of themselves possible.

    1. Isabel Torres says:

      When I attended one of Sonia’s seminar last year, I found her to be down to earth, easy to follow and a breath of fresh air. It’s good to know an instructor or speaker if you will, could share her own personal life experience and make you feel that you’re not alone fighting to be where she is today. She made me feel that I can do it too.

      I highly recommend you sit in on one of her seminars, if you’re actually serious to empty that heavy baggage you’ve been carrying for most of your life.

      Don’t be afraid to take the that first step and wait 10 to 20 years to lighten your heart and mind.

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